Welcome to Badass Lady Gang

The Badass Lady Gang is a running community made by women for women.

About Us

The Badass Lady Gang is a running community made by women for women. Together we ditch diet culture and focus on feeling mighty and motivated as we soldier through life’s moments and miles. We believe fitness is a feeling, and whether you love to run or love to hate it, let BALG be your inspo to keep going and find your own kind of strength.

Want to feel active without hating every minute of it? Looking for a group of fellow badasses to keep you going every step of the way? Join us and get connected!

Why You Should Join Us

BALG exists to be your haven in the fitness world. 

So much of fitness culture is expensive, intimidating, and fueled by judgment. We get that running can be the worst sometimes, and that even getting out the door to do it can be a feat of mental and physical strength. BALG was created for women to find joy in the struggle. We provide women of all athletic levels a safe space to have fun and belong. 

We’re here to make your fitness world one that’s fun and inclusive. We believe fitness isn’t one size fits all -- it’s not even one size fits most. Our mission is to foster a community of badasses who redefine fitness, because the best way to be a lady is to kick ass, take names, be strong, and lift each other up.

We’re all about accessibility, affordability, and having a Good. Freakin’. Time. We show up for each other to make health a lifestyle — not a look.  

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